Toolbox Talk on Cold Weather


Are You Dressing Properly for Cold Weather Hazards While at Work?

If you need a toolbox talk on cold weather, you need to remind your crew about the importance of dressing properly to protect themselves from cold weather hazards. When the weather gets cold, it’s sometimes difficult to work outside for long periods of time. Depending on where you live, low temperatures, cool winds, and dampness are common weather elements that we must face daily. It’s for this reason that we need to be mindful of the hazards of colder weather so we can protect ourselves accordingly. Wear at least three layers of clothing to protect yourself: 1) an outer layer to break the wind, 2) a middle layer of wool or synthetic fabric to retain insulation in a damp environment, 3) an inner layer of cotton or synthetic weave to allow for proper ventilation. It’s also important to protecting your feet, hands, face, and head from the cold weather.

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