Toolbox Talks PDF

Who needs Toolbox Talks PDF? If you do, you will love what you’ll find below! We have setup 4 Toolbox Talk template PDF’s that you can edit. That’s right — these are 100% editable PDF documents! All you have to do is download the PDF file to your computer, open it and start editing the content in any way you need to! Feel free to make small changes to the wording (or completely delete) the content we provided and make messaging specific to your current work conditions. It’s your toolbox talk, so you’re free to do anything you want to.

PLEASE NOTE: You must edit these PDF templates on a desktop computer or laptop — editing the contents on a cell phone DOES NOT work.

Toolbox Talks Topics PDF Format [LADDER SAFETY] – Template #1

Here’s some great toolbox talks topics in PDF format! This template features a red and gray design. To edit the message, just click on areas where there is text inside a highlighted purple coloured box. Position your cursor in the text you wish to edit — click delete or just start typing new words. It’s that easy! Something to remember is that in these editable templates, you’ll only be able to add so many characters to the editable area. This means you need to check your topic content to make sure it hasn’t been cut off. If you noticed you have to scroll through the text box, there’s too much — rest assured, it won’t all print. To correct this issue, all you have to do is remove some text from the box until the scroll bar disappears.

All templates include an editable crew attendance section. Feel free to remove this area if it doesn’t apply to your work. You can add entirely new content — including questions for your crew to make sure they understood the Toolbox Topic.

Toolbox Talks Construction PDF [Hazard Mitigation & Elimination] – Template #2

Here’s more toolbox talks construction in PDF format. Like the previous template, you’re able to edit the contents of this document too. You can also edit the image by double clicking on it, and browsing to a new image you have saved on your computer. Don’t worry about cropping images to make them fit — if you upload an image, it will automatically be resized to fit the image area.

Toolbox Talks Printable [Complacency] – Template #3

Need to print your PDF? No problem! Just click on the “Print” option in the template above, select the printer you want to print the document on, and then click “print.” You can also download the file to your computer, open it, and click print. That’s it!

Toolbox Talks free PDF [Fatigue] – Template #4

All our Toolbox Talks in PDF format are completely FREE and editable! Feel free to edit the contents to make sure it’s specific to the work taking place. The only thing you can’t remove is our watermarked advertisement which is located in the lower right side of the page (it’s small — and it helps us stay active and provide you with even more awesome resources by spreading the word about our website).

Toolbox Talks PDF Editing Instructions

To edit any of these templates, you’ll first need to download them to your computer. Here are instructions on how to do that (don’t worry, it’s very easy!)

Step 1: Locate the template’s download button

Below every template, you’ll see a “download” button that looks like this (see image below):


Step 2: Download the Toolbox Talk PDF file

When you click on the download button, you’ll be able to select a location on your computer to save it at. Once you’ve determined a place to save it, click “SAVE.”

Step 3: Find the Toolbox Talk PDF on your computer and open it

You will need to open the PDF that you just saved on your computer. Navigate to the location on your computer where you saved it, double-click the file and open it. Once opened, take note of editable fields that are outlined in a shaded background, as these are areas where text can be edited. See image below:

Step 4: Make edits to the PDF and distribute to crew

Once the file is opened, you can edit all content contained within a purple shaded box. Be sure to customize the content so it’s specific to your own working conditions. When you’re happy with how it reads, either print or email it to your crew. Don’t forget to change the image if you need one that works better with the toolbox topic you’ve included in your PDF. You can do this simply by double-clicking on the graphic area and browsing to a new image you have uploaded to your computer. Select the image you want and click insert.

And that’s it! We hope you enjoy these Toolbox PDF templates. We will be adding more templates in the near future, so check back soon if you need something with a slightly different design.

Need more topics to add to your new template? No problem! Click here to visit our Toolbox Talks about cold weather.