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Cold Weather Safety – Walk Like a Penguin


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Cold Weather Safety Tips To Remember While Working Outside

Looking for cold weather safety tips to share at your next toolbox talk? Good timing! With the colder weather upon us, now is the time when slippery surfaces can form in the places we least expect. All it takes is one good snowfall or rain mixed with below zero temperatures, and you can find yourself in some treacherous conditions. This can be especially concerning for those of you who work outdoors for a living.

What Can You Do?

If you’re concerned about cold weather safety, there are many things you can do to stay safe. One of the most important things you can do is check your work area and your path of travel for icy/wet surfaces that could cause you to slip and fall. They may not be very obvious at first, especially after snow has fallen — as there could be ice (or other debris) lurking underneath it that can cause you to slip, trip or fall. If you find slippery conditions, please take the time to correct the hazard. By doing so, you could prevent someone (or even yourself) from becoming injured. If you have access to salt/sand, be sure to spread it on icy areas.


The other thing you must keep in mind is your ability to stay balanced while walking in areas where slippery surfaces exist. How can you stay balanced? Well, one trick you can try is to walk like a penguin (no, you don’t have to make penguin noises). You may feel a little silly doing this, but it actually looks quite normal. Simply extend your arms outwards to the side, keep your knees loose, and your feet pointed slightly. Don’t forget to take short strides as well (very important).

Also, if you need to drive in slippery conditions, remember to adjust your speed and slow down if required. Keep these cold weather safety tips in mind to protect yourself at work.




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