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Emergencies at Work: Are you Prepared?

“Quick! Call 911!” These words may be the cause of striking terror in anyone. Usually because anytime someone frantically asks you to call 911, it means that someone is either ill or injured and in serious need of some help — maybe from you. So, what can you do to be prepared for these situations?

It’s helpful to ensure that the building number and physical address are posted on each phone in your office or job site. In these situations, people can suffer from loss of memory, so if the address is easy to find this will make it much easier to get the injured person the help they need.

Another important thing you can do is to become trained in CPR and first aid. This training will be very helpful in situations where someone needs help. Wouldn’t it be nice to help, instead of standing around feeling helpless?

You should also assess the situation during an emergency situation where someone is hurt. Look for the hazards that can cause another incident. Don’t rush – just look around and make sure that all is clear so you can safely go towards the injured person. Don’t try to move the person unless they are in immediate danger. You should also check if the person is unconscious. If they are not breathing properly then you will have to do your best to help them until the paramedics arrive. You may have to start CPR.

If a person is bleeding, you will need to apply direct pressure to the area, as this will reduce blood flow. You can use latex gloves to protect yourself. Moreover, if a person is conscious, try to talk to them in a normal tone. Never say anything that could alarm the person. If possible, please cover the injured area of a person so that they won’t be able to see the injury.

Always remember that there is a possibility of shock. In these situations, give any available blankets to the person so they are comfortable and warm.

There are chances for an emergency to strike at any time and if you are prepared, it may save a life!

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