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At work, there are a lot of advantages to using material handling equipment. Usually, lift trucks are used most often since they offer a lot of benefits. However, they can also be very dangerous if not used safely. It’s for this reason that operators must be trained on this type of equipment – especially about the capacity, size, and operation of lift trucks since it varies.

Before using a lift truck, be sure you’re aware of the following:

  • Lift truck capabilities (fork shifting, weight, etc). Generally, this info can be found in the operations manual.
  • Control operations
  • Battery/Fuelling procedures
  • Back-up alarms and visibility barriers
  • Operations in tight aisles, inclines, and loading ramps
  • Procedures for driving, carrying loads, corners, lift truck speed, material placement, etc.

Each of these topics should be covered in a comprehensive training program – in addition to a practical field test and a signed completion certificate of the course. To ensure workers understand how to operate the machines thoroughly, follow-up of training is just as important.

So, remember, if you aren’t qualified to operate a lift truck – then don’t. Doing so can put you and your co-workers in danger.

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