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Safety Graphics

Safety graphics

Need safety graphics? No problem!

As a safety professional, it is your responsibility to produce most of the safety communications documents for your office. This includes things like Toolbox Talks, Safety Meetings, and sometimes even videos! Let’s be honest, you’re definitely wearing a lot of different hats throughout your day. So, where do you find appropriate graphics? We know just how difficult this can be — many of you search Google images, and the selection there is…well, let’s just say fair 😉

We wanted to alleviate your stress by providing you with some graphics to help you convey your safety messages!

Below, you’ll find a gallery of various safety graphics that you can use in any documents you need to create. We have several different types that represent a large number of Toolbox topics including housekeeping, hazard assessment, good communication, PPE, and more!

Wondering how you can use our safety graphics in your own document? It’s simple (famous last words, huh?) Just kidding 🙂 All you have to do is click on the safety graphic you would like to use. Once it’s opened, you can save a copy to your hard drive or just copy it into any application you’re using (Word, PowerPoint, etc.) And that’s it — see, simple, right?

If you need to crop our images, feel free to do so. You can do this using most applications these days (i.e. Word, Publisher). However, we find using the standard Paint Tool that comes with all Windows computers to be sufficient. Not a techie? Don’t worry, we will be uploading a tutorial to explain how to do this in the very near future. 

If you would like to see some other types of graphics, just click here to contact us.


Safety Graphic Topic

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