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Slippery Condition Toolbox Talk


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Toolbox Talk: Beware of Slippery Conditions While Working Outside

If you need a slippery condition toolbox talk, then be sure to share this one with your crew — especially now that the cold weather is upon us. Now is the time when slippery surfaces can form. Please remember to check your work area and your path of travel for icy/wet surfaces that could cause you to slip and fall. If you find slippery conditions, please take the time to mitigate the hazard to prevent someone from becoming injured. If you have access to salt/sand, be sure to spread it on icy areas. You can also try walking like a penguin when conditions are slippery, as doing so will help you keep your balance. Simply extend your arms to the sides for good balance, keep your knees loose, and your feet pointed slightly. Also, if you need to drive in slippery conditions, remember to adjust your speed and slow down if required.

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