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The Danger of Hose Leaks


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The leaks produced by hydraulic hoses are not only messy but are also dangerous. These leaks can cause a fall,hose leaks, fire, or even a slip hazard. Along with these hazards, these leaks may also result in environmental contamination. Leaks can cause skin burns as well as penetrate your skin in situations where high pressure exists. Usually, improper assembly is the major reason for leaking hoses. When you are working with hydraulic hoses, it’s important that you are able to anticipate the problems and then fix them beforehand.


Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when working with hydraulic hoses:

  • The operation of the hose should be carried out in a manner that is specified according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • If chaffing guards are missing, then they should be replaced (if they were installed previously).
  • Abrasions can be prevented by using hoses with the correct diameter and length.
  • The outer jacket should not be damaged, as this causes moisture to form which may result in rust causing the failure of the hose.

Some wrong ways to find and fix hose leaks:

What happens when you find a hose leaks fitting? Do you find the wrench and give it a couple more turns? You shouldn’t. Doing so may actually result in greater leakage which causes the failure of the entire fitting. You may also be thinking about using your hand to find the leak. You definitely should not do this. It’s better to use wood or cardboard instead since the hydraulic fluid is hot and may cause burning of the skin.

Test for Tightness:

Please remember to power off the machine and bleed hydraulic pressure from the line before testing it for tightness. The sudden release of hot liquid can cause the connection to fail or may result in fire or injury. Moreover, improper assemble or damage is the usual cause of leakage at a fitting.


When testing for tightness, please keep the following in mind:

  • New seals should be used and must be lubricated and cleaned before installation.
  • Cleaning of both ends should be carried out.
  • Be sure that fittings aren’t over tightened, because this may result in the distortion or cracking of seals.
  • Fittings must be compatible so they fit together properly.

In short, the proper assembly of hose ends is crucial to your own personal safety at work. If you are required to work with any fluid piping system, please be diligent when it comes to preventing dangerous leaks. If you see a leak, report it – or fix it if your job requires you to do so.  

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