practice good housekeeping

Even if you Didn’t Make the Mess, Clean It Up Anyway

How many times have you noticed a mess in a work area that you never made? It’s easy to just shake your head and walked past it. In all honesty, this happens more than we would like to admit. You may not feel responsible for cleaning up someone else’s mess, but if you don’t then you or one of your co-workers could get injured as a result. A messy work area creates hazardous conditions for everyone, so please take the time to clean untidy work areas even if you didn’t make the mess. You may think to yourself, “I’ll deal with it later.” However, later may be too late. By then, one of your co-workers could be seriously injured. Please remember that while it may not be your mess, it may become your injury. Please make housekeeping an ongoing part of your day.