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Toolbox Talks Ideas for Cold and Flu


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Here are some toolbox talks ideas for you!

If you’re looking for some toolbox talks ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. In the message below, we remind workers how to prevent cold and flu at work.

Feeling Sick at Work? Remember these Cold and Flu Prevention Tips! 

It’s that time of year where everyone seems to be exhibiting signs of cold and flu – coughing, sniffling, and runny nose are all too common. Nobody enjoys being sick – especially when you must miss work or cancel plans you may have made. However, if you’re sick, you need to take care of yourself to ensure a speedy recovery. What does this mean? Well, the most important thing you can do is engage in healthy lifestyle practices. Make sure your diet is full of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. Also, make sure you get plenty of sleep. When your system is run down, it’s very difficult to get over the cold and flu. If you must come to work when you’re not feeling 100%, please do your part to prevent infecting your co-workers. Cough into your sleeve and use tissues.

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