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Toolbox Talks Ladders

When you think of using a ladder, it seems like a fairly straightforward task, right? However, there’s a lot more danger than one may realize. Check our our toolbox talk ladders messages below, and make sure you share them with your crew!

Toolbox Talks Ladders

Toolbox Talks Ladders #1

Don’t Store Items at the Base of Ladders: Depending on your work area, finding the space to properly store equipment, tools or material may be difficult. You may be tempted to leave materials in any available space – including around the base of ladders. This act may seem harmless, but it can be extremely dangerous to both you and your co-workers. It’s important to keep ladder landing areas free and clear of any items that could create a tripping hazard. Congested ladder landing areas can be very dangerous for those using the ladder, as people can easily slip, trip or fall while ascending or descending. Any tools, materials and equipment you may be using should be properly stored to ensure they do not create hazardous conditions.

Toolbox Talks Ladders #2

Ladder Safety Tips: Throughout your day, you may require the use of a ladder to perform your task. You may require a straight ladder, step ladder, or maybe even an extension ladder. Before starting work, assess your needs and make sure your selection is the correct type and length. You should also check it for any damage including corrosion, rust, or cracks. Don’t forget to ensure that non-slip rubber feet are in good condition, and check for overall signs of warping and twisting. If you find a defective ladder, don’t use it. Make sure the damaged ladder is removed from the work area. Before using the ladder, make sure it is free of slippery substances (i.e. oil). Also, the weather may create slippery conditions, so practice caution while using a ladder when the weather is wet.

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