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Toolbox Talks PPE

If you’re looking to win a fashion contest, then wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) probably isn’t your best bet (awww!) Luckily for you, when you’re at work, you’re not being judged on your fashionable choices (we promise). So, even if you’re a fashion diva, you must keep your stylish ways hidden under your PPE (coveralls can be cute, right?). We know this isn’t the news you wanted to hear, but trust me — it’s for the best. Why? Well, check out our Toolbox Talks PPE messages below to find out.

Toolbox Talks About PPE

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is your Last Line of Defense: Why do you wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)? Well, doing so will help minimize the chance of injury from a workplace hazard. It can include hard hats, safety glasses, face shields, ear plugs and muffs, respirators, gloves, or boots. Please remember that PPE is your last line of defense, and should only be relied on after engineering and administrative controls fail. Remember to inspect your PPE prior to use, and look for any deficiencies that may have resulted over time. Always replace any worn or damaged PPE immediately. Even the best quality PPE won’t protect you if it’s not functioning properly. Please remember there is never a good excuse for not wearing PPE, and failure to comply with PPE requirements puts you at great risk of injury.

Toolbox Talk About PPE

It’s Not a Fashion Contest — It’s Work: Let’s be honest — Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) doesn’t always make you look “cool”. We understand! However, PPE isn’t meant to make you look good — it’s meant to minimize your chance of getting injured while on the job. There are many types of PPE that will be required for your task, but basic equipment consists of hard hats, safety glasses, face shields, ear plugs and muffs, respirators, gloves, or boots. If you are performing a unique task outside of the normal working conditions, additional PPE may be required. Never just assume you’re protected — always check with your Supervision and find out if you need something additional. Oh, and one last thing — please check your PPE for any issues. Things like wear or damage of any type is not ok. Like most things in life, time has a way of causing things to break down — and your PPE is no different. Take the time to replace any worn or damaged PPE immediately (even if it takes a bit more time).

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