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Toolbox Talks Safety Glasses

Your future is so bright that you have to wear shades — I know. However, when you’re at work, there is a big difference in the level of protection your “cool” shades offer, compared to your safety glasses. How so? Well, check out our Toolbox Talks safety glasses messages to find out!

A Toolbox Talk About Safety Glasses

Is the Weather Causing Your Safety Glasses to Fog? Here’s What You Can Do to Fix It: Depending on the weather, you may notice your safety glasses can become either fogged or wet, which can impair your ability to see properly. Please be mindful of the current weather conditions and take note of how they can affect your safety eyewear. To prevent visibility issues, carry an extra pair with you so you can easily switch between pairs when one becomes impacted by weather conditions. Protecting your eyes from hazards is extremely important, especially considering all of the organs and soft tissue in the area. There are many causes of eye injuries including splashes from liquid chemicals such as acids, flying debris, or chips/dust from grinding and windy conditions. Don’t take a chance – wear your safety eyewear every time.

Eye Protection — What Works Best?

With so many types of safety glasses out there to choose from, how do you know which type works best? Well, for starters, you need to look at the task you’re completing AND what type works best for you personally. For example, do you already wear eye glasses? If yes, you’ll want to select eye protection that works with this. It’s important that you check with your Supervision to determine which types of eye protection you should use while completing your work. For example, if your task involves welding, then a standard pair of safety glasses will not offer the right protection. Don’t underestimate the importance of eye protection — you rely on your eyes every day so protecting them is extremely important.

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