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Winter Weather Toolbox Talk

Looking for winter weather toolbox talk topics? No problem! In the safety message below, we talk about how people’s muscles can be impacted by the cold weather. Feel free to share this message during your next toolbox talk.

Cold Weather Can Cause Strained Muscles While Working Outside

When the weather is cold, it seems to be the time when we feel the most aches and pains. The reason for this is because the cold weather deceases blood flow to our muscles, so they instantly tighten up when we are exposed to low temperatures. A tight, cold muscle shortens its length, and this reduces our range of motion. This means that normal tasks such as walking up the stairs or reaching overhead are much more difficult in the colder weather. A strained or “pulled” muscle occurs when a shortened muscle is lengthened beyond its comfort zone. During the cold weather, even the simplest tasks like picking up a bag on the ground, or tying our shoes, can result in a pulled muscle. Please keep this in mind, and practice caution while working outdoors.

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